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Refurbished Used Respiratory Equipment

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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

  • Is refubished equipment right for you?
    Whether you're adding to an existing fleet or getting into something new, buying equipment can be expensive. Refurbished respiratory equipment allows your company to provide your patients with quality equipment at a fraction of the cost. A professionally refurbished piece of equipment functions just as well as a new unit and is covered by warranty.
  • What is the difference between certified refurbished and used/as is?
    Certified refurbished equipment has had factory certified preventative maintenance, device updates, and repairs (if necessary). Think of this process being similar to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle - advantages of new at a fraction of the cost. Used or "as is" equipment is equipment that has not undergone a refurbishing process. This equipment is not certified for patient use and may need parts replaced. We only recommend this equipment to professionals with experience in refurbishing equipment. The advantage? Massive savings potential!
  • What goes into the refubishing process?
    Not all equipment is built the same. Reconditioned equipment is different from used equipment and it is paramount that you understand what you are getting. Reconditioned equipment has been thoroughly inspected by qualified biomed technicians. RespiTrade only works with the industry's leading refurbishers, known for high quality work and a proven track record. Original manufacturer spec tests are critical. If a piece of equipment does not meet OEM standards, it should be dismantled or destroyed.
  • What is your warranty policy?
    If buying certified refurbished equipment, RespiTrade is able to offer warranties. Typically, the warranty can range from 90 days to a full year. Additional warranties can often be purchased. It is important to speak with your Sales Rep to understand the warranty on your equipment. If buying "as is" or used equipment, warranties are generally not extended. As is equipment is heavily discounted as it must still go through a refurbishing process.
  • I'm a patient, not a business. Can I purchase from you?"
    RespiTrade is a B2B provider of quality respiratory equipment. We are not licensed nor do we cater to patients. We do, however, work with companies nationwide to provide equipment and may be able to refer you to someone in your area. If they work with us, they will often be able to pass on discounts.
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